Custom Carbon Fiber Fabricator


OEM quality grade Carbon Fiber garnish trims

Quality centric manufacturing process adopting the latest composite technologies to deliver perfectly finished and durable direct replacement carbon fiber garnish trims for a rugged while refined outstanding exclusive look


Full Replacement part

Direct replacement multi-layer real high quality Carbon Fiber trims.

This is not a lower end process involving overlay, skinning or wet layup so no risk of delamination.

Exclusive technology involving dry layup, infusion, insert pressure molding and high temp post-cure for perfect fit and highest quality products.

Exclusive Look


Canadian made with R&D focus

Canadian design and manufacturing facility backed by founders of over 15 years of composite experience with intensive Formula 1 racing design and manufacturing background.

Each components is serialized, high-temperature post cured and inspected for long term outstanding quality.

Continuous strong R&D investments for outstanding best-of-bread Carbon Fiber automotive Trims manufacturing process.