About Us

Pegasus Carbon is a proudly Canadian based company having its design and manufacturing facility located in the region of Montreal. Mainly focused and specialized in OEM grade automotive genuine carbon fiber interior garnish trims, Pegasus Carbon was founded in 2017 by founders passionate by composite engineering with over 15 years of experiences in the domain. With a intensive background in aerospace, automotive as well as in Formula 1 racing industries, the creation of Pegasus Carbon brand represent the carefully planned dream and vision of its founders.

Since its foundation, Pegasus Carbon team has continuously and strongly invested in R&D, successfully bringing high-end composite manufacturing technology into the world of highly tailored/customized small production series. The current high-end production process act as a key market differentiator for Pegasus Carbon allowing to achieve the highest and long term quality and durability at an affordable customer price.

With its highly specialized products and focus on quality, Pegasus Carbon is committed in providing an outstanding experience to its customers backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee and limited warranty.

Understand how Pegasus Carbon is offering outstanding product through its key technology features.